Monday, July 13, 2009

Les Citoyens Plunder the Arsenal at Les Invalides

July 13:
The morning after Citizen Desmoulins’ impassioned speech, 60,000 people meet at Les Invalides, the home for veterans of former French wars. Les citoyens (the citizens) get away with over 10 canon and 28,000 muskets belonging to the King’s Army. They meet no resistance from the troops on guard there.

But...they found no gunpowder!

Where is the gunpowder, they cry!

The answer comes: It's at the Bastille.

Visit us tomorrow, le quatorze juillet, for the climactic march to the Bastille and the start of the second, more violent, phase of the French Revolution.

Taking of weapons at Les Invalides, courtesy of

Towle, Sarah B. Time Traveler Paris Tours: Beward Madame La Guillotine. In development.

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