Friday, April 3, 2009

The Paris Balloon Celebrates 10 years!

Looks like there’s been another birthday in Paris this week. The Ballon Air de Paris, visible from my apartment windows, has been flying over the Parc André Citroën since 1999. In these 10 years, it has hoisted 500,000 visitors 150 meters (492 ft) into the sky for incomparable views of Paris!

They say the trip up is not to be missed. And during the week of sustainable development, currently underway in France, you can fly in the Paris Balloon for free! Head to the Parc from 9:00am to 7:00pm on a good-weather day for a 10 minute voyage you will never forget.

Since 2008, the Ballon Air de Paris has an environmental purpose as well as a touristic one. In partnership with Airparif, the Balloon is equipped to measure air quality in Paris. It changes color to reflect the amount of pollution resulting from auto emissions in the city:
  • green for good;
  • orange for fair; and
  • red for poor.

When at its height, the Balloon can be seen for over 19 kms (12 miles).

Check out this news report. Don't worry if you don't understand French, the visuals are most important.

Up, up and away! I’m on my way with the Lucky-one-and-only (despite our last journey into the heavens). Care to join us?

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